Helping farmers in financial distress, to negotiate better outcomes and save assets from hostile creditors.

We negotiate with the bank for more time, better arrangements and reductions in the amount owing. Insolvency is temporary, but the resulting stain on your record can be long lasting. We help to minimise the impact of your insolvency on future lending capability. Sometimes the answer includes a restructure of your legal entities to position you for the future, free of debt. We are experienced turnaround specialists... So there's going to be an upside, you can bet on it!

What Our Clients Say

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Helping Farmers Get A Fair Go

  • Delay Bank recovery action
    Delay Bank recovery action
  • Farm Development Projects
    Farm Development Projects
  • Farm Refinance
    Farm Refinance
  • Restructuring For Asset Protection
    Restructuring For Asset Protection
  • Saving Farms Like Yours
    Saving Farms Like Yours